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Virtual Practice of Bankruptcy Law

You might be asking how can I get bankruptcy protection and stay safe from COVID? If you are being garnished, taken to court for a judgment, having your car repossessed, or suffering from other collection efforts from your creditors, you might wonder how do I stay safe and still get legal help to resolve my financial crisis.

When COVID first hit the news last year in 2020, we were all unprepared for the consequences and reality that we live in today. In-person meetings and gatherings were prohibited or discouraged. Family holiday celebrations resulted in wiping out an entire generations within that family. Fear and misinformation often led to uncertain decisions regarding work and school, and other daily outings. Life seemed to be put on hold.

Despite COVID restrictions and deaths, a new altered and restricted life continued and with that continued life, bills still became due each month. Rent, mortgages, credit cards, medical bills, taxes, car payments, and other debts were still piling up.

The legal system emerged from COVID with new virtual options such as telephonic hearings, ZOOM meetings, and other virtual choices. The bankruptcy courts in Richmond, Virginia conducts its hearings and trials via ZOOM and telephone. Gone are the days where you would rush to court, frantically look for parking in the city and stand in line for security check-in protocols. These days, everything seems to be virtual allowing us to meet from the convenience of our homes or office.

Bankruptcy relief is still available, and can be offered from the safety of your own home. Stop creditor collection efforts to evict or foreclose on your home. Stop harassing creditor calls. Stop Garnishments. Stop judgments and other court actions to collect against you. Call ahead to see if the law firm you choose offers virtual appointments to keep you safe.

Contact the Stuart Law Firm, LLC at 804-221-2162 for your virtual appointment to help you get a fresh financial start.


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